Chamomile tea a calming and relaxing Tea

Published: 05th January 2006
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Chamomile Tea a calming and relaxing Tea

Chamomile tea has a reputation of being a relaxing and calming drink. Historically it has also been used to calm an upset stomach. Chamomile tea may reduce a wide range of health problems, including colds and menstrual cramps.

It was first used by ancient Egyptians, Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) has daisy-like flowers and a long and storied history as a gentle, soothing herb. Chamomile was so popular in traditional German herbalism, and it was known as alles zutraut,(meaning capable of anything). It has always been one of the world's favorite teas, due to its pleasing sweet apple aroma. In addition, chamomile fragrance makes a pleasant addition to potpourris and aromatic dried flower arrangements. Cosmetically, Chamomile makes a wonderfully soothing bath, a penetrating facial, and it can be used to bring golden highlights to brown hair.

It is good for teething, diarrhea, stomach cramps and middle ear symptoms. It is also a great sleep aid for adult and child. Researchers have found new facts, drinking the tea was associated with an increase in urinary levels of glycine, an amino acid that has been shown to relieve muscle spasms. Glycine also is known to act as a nerve relaxant, which may also explain why the tea seems to act as a mild sedative, the scientists note. This may explain why the tea appears to be helpful in relieving menstrual cramps in women, probably by relaxing the uterus, say the researchers.

Advantages of Chamomile Tea

Helpful in reducing health problems such as including colds and menstrual cramps

For adult and child, it is a great sleep aid.

Chamomile makes a wonderfully soothing bath

Very useful for penetrating facial

Chamomile Tea Cautions

When taken internally, excessive dosage can produce vomiting and vertigo.

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Chamomile Tea - Calming and Relaxing Health Supplement

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