Sage Tea beneficial to deal with Cold & Stress

Published: 04th January 2006
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Sage Tea beneficial to deal with Cold & Stress

Sage tea is used for both topically and internally for its health benefits. Now a day's sage tea is often used as a spice for flavoring vegetables, chicken, meats, fish, and eggs. Sage tea is also used as an appetite enhancer, to promote digestion and to reduce intestinal gas (flatulence). If sage tea is not made too strong then it is a heartening brew. It can be sweetened with maple syrup, brown sugar or honey, or flavored with a squeeze of orange, lemon or a dash of cinnamon.

Sage tea is very beneficial to deal with stress. It is astringent, sedative and expels gas; it makes a good gargle for sore throats and helps overcome cold. Sage is useful for night sweats as it reduces sweating. It also reduces milk flow in nursing mothers prior to weaning, prevents the formation of kidney stones by dissolving residues of uric acid, and regularizes menstruation.

Sage tea increases the flow of bodily fluids (such as perspiration and delayed periods) when taken hot and reduces the flow when taken cold. Colds, flu and bronchial afflictions benefit from hot sage's ability to expectorate and increase sweating and elimination of toxins. Cold sage tea arrests diarrhea.

Sage Tea Advantages

It is beneficial in coping with stress

Reduces night sweatness

Helps to overcome cold

Sage Tea Cautions

Do not use tea in pregnancy and lactation

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Sage Tea

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